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Just hit 85, not as exciting as I wanted it to be, I was planning to go into PvP hit 85 and chuck on some gear and destroy some people, but I leveled by finding an area…


I have moved NoPveKills back to Saufang and renamed him Testeagle as he was originally and have moved Testeagle to Thaurissan.

Well I just hit 60!! I got  [Flight Form], unlocked  [Expert Riding] and  [Flight Master’s License]. Now 290,000Xp to lvl 61.

Another 172,000Xp till 60!

Just hit 58, 165,800Xp till 59 and I just got [Barkskin]

Another level, 3 more to go to 60. 159,900 till next level.

Another level to my semi back status.