Well another level gone, no that slow either thanks to Call to Arms Ab.


Well after spending some time on the shelf, NoPveKills (previously testeagle) has hit 81, if you’ve been following my 1 to 80 in only Pvp you would know that I reached 80 on this character with No Pve Kills, so now I’m going to continue to 85.

Armory found here

And Kill stats here


Total kills that grant experience or honor 17,109

Total Honorable Kills 17,109

Well I just hit 60!! I got  [Flight Form], unlocked  [Expert Riding] and  [Flight Master’s License]. Now 290,000Xp to lvl 61.

Another 172,000Xp till 60!

Just hit 58, 165,800Xp till 59 and I just got [Barkskin]

Another level, 3 more to go to 60. 159,900 till next level.

Another level to my semi back status.