Posted: December 16, 2011 in World of Warcraft WoW

I know I’m abit behind the pack, but finally thunderfury!!!!!!!!!!


That’s right, Home Delivery is the name of my new tauren paladin, nothing like getting a lump of meat delivered to your front door.

Just hit 85, not as exciting as I wanted it to be, I was planning to go into PvP hit 85 and chuck on some gear and destroy some people, but I leveled by finding an area…

I have moved NoPveKills back to Saufang and renamed him Testeagle as he was originally and have moved Testeagle to Thaurissan.

Well one more to go, gotta lost the Call to Arms for Eye of the storm working in my favour.

Whoo getting close now, 83 thx to AB Call to Arms, 5,203,400Xp till 84.